Quick Charger


The 96-volt fast charger can be used for fast charging motorbikes or when battery packs of 2013-2023 Zero motorbikes are charged externally.

Fast charging the motorbike
One fast charger provides an additional charging capacity of 1 kW. When used in combination with your motorbike's integrated charging system, this approximately doubles the amount of energy flowing to the battery pack during charging. This reduces charging time by about 50%. To charge even faster, multiple quick chargers can be purchased and used with a quick charger Y-adapter to further reduce charging time.

External charging of battery pack
The quick charger can be used to charge battery pack modules when they are removed from the motorbike. In particular, the ZF3.3 or ZF3.6 battery pack modules, used with the Zero FX, Zero FXS and Zero XU motorbikes, require a battery pack module charging adapter when the battery packs are charged outside the vehicle.

The North American fast charger kit and the fast charger (96 volts) for the UK and Hong Kong contain a cord approved for use in those countries.

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