Customize your riding experience

Cypher offers a full range of innovative features that ensure an enhanced riding experience. In addition to customizing performance, riders now also gain access to new functions, including a parking mode and step-by-step navigation on the dashboard. The DSR/X, SR/S, and SR/F models are equipped with all Cypher features.

Through Zeroparts, you can add new Cypher features to your motorcycle online, without the intervention of a dealer. Increase the range of your Zero SR 2023 model by 10%, or charge your Zero SR/F 2022 model 10% faster.

Please note: Cypher Upgrades for Zero Motorcycles are permanent upgrades that cannot be reversed. Due to the nature of these upgrades, the right of return does not apply. Make sure you have the necessary information before purchasing a Cypher Upgrade.

cypher faster charging

How does it work?

Search and order your desired upgrade for your motorcycle on Zeroparts. You will need to provide your chassis number during the order process. After placing the order, you will receive a dealer code and purchase code from us. You can add these codes through the 'Zero Next Gen' mobile application. Once added, you can send and install the upgrade to your Zero Motorcycle using your phone.

Is Cypher safe?

Cypher is a product of Zero Motorcycles and is safe to use. The updates you receive from us are also official from Zero Motorcycles.

Competitive prices

Zeroparts offers you this solution without the involvement of your dealer, and to make it even more appealing, we provide all upgrade options at a 15% discount.